Bioeconomy Management, LLC

What the White House calls The New Bioeconomy involves the replacement of petrochemical-based manufacturing with "green" fermentation-based manufacturing. Our team is at the center of that mix. We help brilliant scientists launch breakthrough companies.

For approximately two decades, our co-founder Rob Carlson has been predicting exponential drops in the costs of DNA sequencing and synthesis, and resulting impacts on the global economy. The Economist magazine in 2006 identified this as the biotechnological equivalent of Moore's Law, and named it The Carlson Curve after Rob.

Now the costs of DNA sequencing, analysis, and synthesis have dropped to their tipping points, unleashing a new wave of products and services related to these core technologies in one way or the other. The Economist magazine named it "Life 2.0." The White House calls it "The New Bioeconomy."

Bioeconomy Management, LLC was established to assist selected startup companies in the space grow from their core of a couple of founders in a lab to a $100M company and beyond. We have the contacts, experience, and perspective to lend critical insights on strategy, partnerships, operational organization, business development, and investor relations.

Since founding Bioeconomy Management, LLC, the principals founded Bioeconomy Capital, LLC to directly invest in promising early stage companies.


The virtual coffee house at the center of the new bioeconomy.