Bioeconomy Management, LLC

What the White House calls The New Bioeconomy involves the replacement of petrochemical-based manufacturing with "green" fermentation-based manufacturing. Our team is at the center of that mix. We help brilliant scientists launch breakthrough companies.

Our Team

Rob Carlson

Founder and President Rob Carlson is our chief strategist. He is the author of the book Biology is Technology, published by Harvard Press. In the development of the computer industry, Moore's Law predicted exponential growth - a doubling of computing power per dollar every 18 months. In 2006, The Economist magazine named the biotechnological equivalent of Moore's Law the Carlson Curve after Rob. He co-founded Bioeconomy Management, LLC in order to help scientist founders in synthetic biology and related areas round out the rest of their teams, by providing an experienced executive team on the business side - especially focused on investor communications.

Spencer Adler

Spencer Adler is CEO. He is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and investor based in NYC, with a history working with disruptive technologies with a positive social impact - getting them out of the lab and out to the world. He co-produced the climate change film The Island President, co-funded by PBS, Pew, Ford, MacArthur, and Sundance, with music by Radiohead, which won the Toronto Film Festival audience award. He co-funded the first incubator for synthetic biology companies (Launchpad, on the NASA campus, sponsored by Singularity University), and is the creator of SynBio Investors, LLC. In New York City, he created the Bioeconomy Fundamentals Course and the Bioeconomy Supper Club.

Rik Wehbring

Silicon Valley Director, and co-founder of Bioeconomy Management, LLC. Rik and Rob have been research and business partners for twenty years. Rik is an engineer, a coder, and the all-time largest contributor to the open-source mathematics software Octave.

Daniel Rootenberg

Chief Financial Officer. Daniel is qualified in South Africa as the equivalent of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He has served in multiple CFO roles, building one private company and selling it for $650M, and serving as VP of Finance of another $200M company as it went public and grew to its present size of $2.4B in market cap. He lives in NYC.

John Warner

Chief Chemist. John is a leader in protecting the environment and is known as the co-founder of the entire field of "green chemistry." He is the 2014 winner of the highest award in the industrial chemistry industry - The Perkins Medal - awarded by the American section of the Society of Chemical Industry.

Peter Fernandez

Peter was formerly the head of social media and mobile for Google in North America. Presently he serves that role for Google in Latin America.

Jimmy Lin, MD PhD

Chief Medical Officer. Jimmy is an MD PhD. While at Johns Hopkins, he was the lead computational biologist on the team that sequenced the first cancer exomes. He is also the founder of a nonprofit crowdfunding platform for children with rare diseases that has over 30 partner and supporting organizations around the world - called Rare Genomics. Jimmy is a 2012 TED fellow.

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