Bioeconomy Management, LLC

What the White House calls The New Bioeconomy involves the replacement of petrochemical-based manufacturing with "green" fermentation-based manufacturing. Our team is at the center of that mix. We help brilliant scientists launch breakthrough companies.

The Science of the New Bioeconomy

Our focus begins with the capacity of scientists to read (sequence), comprehend, and write (synthesize) DNA. Ancillary areas expand into genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolomics, tissue culturing, synthetic biology, and others.

The ethical implications of this science are staggering, and we work hard to be thought leaders on matters of public policy.

The economic implications of this science are also staggering, and we work hard to translate what's going on in the industry into the language of investors and economists.

Our team is particularly sensitive to regulatory issues. We find that investors share our regulatory concerns. We therefore are primarily involved in bioindustrials, and less so in medical and agricultural opportunities.

The virtual coffee house at the center of the new bioeconomy.