Bioeconomy Management, LLC

What the White House calls The New Bioeconomy involves the replacement of petrochemical-based manufacturing with "green" fermentation-based manufacturing. Our team is at the center of that mix. We help brilliant scientists launch breakthrough companies.

We've been busy. 

We created The Bioeconomy Supper Club, in order to bring the scientists who have been building this new industry together with investors and journalists who'd like to understand it all better. The Bioeconomy Supper Club was the first outside event to be held at the New York Genome Center in downtown NYC.

We created and underwrote a free course for NYC thought leaders on the basic science of DNA and its importance as the next high-growth industry in America - The Bioeconomy Fundamentals Course.

We funded and took over the management of a startup that's changing the way neurobiology is done. It's housed at NYC's brand new Harlem Biospace.

We are advising the management of the leading dedicated Mesenchymal Stem Cell provider.

We funded and took over the management of a discovery of the first significant autism biomarker.

And we've got other projects brewing. Stay tuned!

And of course, we are always placing capital - both our own and in syndicates with other like-minded investors. If you're one of those, feel free to get in touch.

The virtual coffee house at the center of the new bioeconomy.